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Placing an Order is easy with BLS!

New Customer Information:  For your first order we will need the following information to set you up in our system:


• Library Name and Address - if you have separate “Bill to” and “Ship to” addresses please provide both.


• Contact Name, Phone & Email Address


• Method of Payment - Credit Card or Invoice with Net 30 terms. We will contact you by phone if you wish to use a credit card for payment.


• Items and Quantities - refer to the BLS Item# listed on our website.


• Special Instructions - if you have any special instructions or wish to reference a Purchase Order please include this information with your order.


We will provide an order confirmation by email before proceeding with your order.

We accept orders via Phone, Email, Fax or U.S. Mail. Please choose the method that you feel most comfortable with.


Phone: Toll Free (866) 545-1112


Fax: (585) 657-1114


Mailing Address: PO Box 100, Bloomfield, NY 14469


Email: Email Ordering Link: Here





Returning Customers:  We have you set-up in our system, so be sure to let us know if any of your contact information or payment preference has changed...thanks!

Shipping Charges:  We pay the Shipping Charges on all of our products shipped to the Continental United States, except for Overdue Mailer Forms & KETEC Security Systems.  For Overdue Mailer Forms & KETEC purchases we charge the actual UPS Freight Charges.

Order Returns:  For Returns due to Order Cancellations or Incorrect Ordering - BLS does not issue credit for the actual shipping costs incurred on the original shipment.

Minimum Order Quantities:  The minimum order for most of our standard products is 1 standard pack - usually a Box, Case or Roll. Custom printed items like Barcode Labels or Patron Cards have their minimums listed on their product page.  

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PO Box 100
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Phone: Toll Free (866) 545-1112
Fax: (585) 657-1114

E-mail: Email Link

Products  |  Customer Service

Please contact us for a Price Quote, to request Samples or if you have any questions about our products.